CASHMERE hot-water-bottle

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ANTONIA-ZANDER-Waermflasche-grau-a (2).jpg
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CASHMERE hot-water-bottle

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Antonia Zander Cashmere
Color: grey melange
Composition: 100% Cashmere
Measurements: L 33 cm

Made in Italy

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Finest clothes made in Italy for modern nomads, sophisticated bohemians & hippies in mind!

Antonia Zander is the designer behind the Cashmere label which was founded by her mother in 1980.

All these years haven‘t changed the strive to produce highest quality knitting – still in collaboration with Italian family owned manufacturing companies. These features are enhanced by a quite unusual approach regarding classic knitwear – based on Antonia‘s apprenticeship as a ladies tailor.

Through confrontation of different techniques each season an effortless new look is developed playing with the possibilities due to the luxurious natural materials. Traditional hand-knitting with 100% supersoft, multi-ply Cashmere shows motives, recreating old ethnic patterns, but with a modern twist. Ironic elements are combined with playful details, edgy colors emphasize subtly a modern ,Hippie Ethno Look‘ and silhouettes surprise with unusual volume.

The italian origin of materials and manufacturing in Europe guaranties the highest standard of transparency and sustainability by Antonia Zander. Each item stands separately and is supposed to be a statement: to enhance regardless of time and pretensions the style created by the customer!

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